Magic Mirror

Bold –This big, full-length mirror photo booth is large and in charge. The primary purpose of photo booths is to get people to interact with them, and this one is like a magnet. People can’t help but touch it. Its XL massive touchscreen display is perfect for all kinds of users, and the intuitive interface of the software leaves no room for confusion. 

Beautiful – The polished design of this magic mirror photo booth is truly remarkable and unique. This magic mirror looks like it operates via magic and it does in a way. It adds a magical element to any setting, bringing forth cheer and positivity and of course tons of excitement as guests huddle, pose, smile, and capture their special moments.

Our magic mirror photo booth models perfect for weddings, showers, or any event demanding an elegantly designed photo booth. But the beauty of this booth is that it’s not limited to private events alone. Attracting people across all age groups and occupations, it’s also perfect for your corporate clients to create lasting memories.

Powerful – Keep your customers amazed with the snappiness of performance with the modern Darkroom.  This makes it perfect for events.

Effective and Versatile – This eye-catching magic mirror photo booth is excellent at attracting users at all types of events. Whether it be a wedding, or something corporate, it is perfect for servicing them all. Whether it is being used just for fun, or to gain email addresses, you will find that our mirror photo booth for sale is perfect for many applications.

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